With a business psychology certificate you will be able to supervise business-related research studies, analyze organizational trends and assess the mental health and work performance of employees. You will also be able to explore psychological factors that can affect employees and/or the company, assess a company’s short-term and long-term goals and evaluate the company’s strategies. One of your primary functions will be to create job assessments for companies so they can select candidates that share their values, mission and goals.

What we do:

1.    Community & Leadership Development
2.    Research and Knowledge Development
3.    Professional Development

•    Local education through regular chapter meetings and events
•    Earn a “Proficiency” Certificate
•    Online career opportunity to post your CV and request e-mail notification of new jobs free of charge
•    Access to quarterly online journals via email on relevant psychology & business issues
•    Professional Networking and knowledge centre via seminar and conferences
•    Enjoy discounts on dozen of IBP Conferences and Training events annually
•    Discount on publications
•    Your pathway towards professional membership of reciprocal bodies across the globe
•    Proof of skills and employability
•    Opportunity to join reciprocal bodies in the UK, USA and India.


Certification can lead to better visibility, opportunities, and jobs. In today's increasingly complex and highly-specialized economy, credentials are so important. Sure, you know you've got the skills to do the job, but how do you convince potential customers and employers you do? For many career-minded professionals, certification is often the answer.


Potential benefits to the Field

  • Standardizes practices and/or standards within an industry
  • Advances the specialty/field
  • Increases cooperation between organizations in the same discipline
  • Provides a means for an industry to self-regulate


Potential benefits to those with current Certification


  • Grants recognition of knowledge and skills by a third party
  • Enhances professional reputation Provides personal accomplishment
  • Supports continued professional development
  • Demonstrates a high level of commitment to the field of practice
  • Demonstrates a specific level of knowledge and skill Increases opportunities for career advancement and/or increased earnings
  • Can validate skills and knowledge
  • Could communicate credibility
  • Serves as a differentiator in a competitive job market


Potential Benefits to Employers


  • Improves customer satisfaction Increases competence level of employees
  • Useful in making employment decisions
  • Provides professional development opportunities for employees
  • Ongoing enhancement of knowledge and skills Increases confidence in employees abilities
  • Demonstrates employers a commitment to competence
  • Could provide means to establish and enforce an ethical code
  • Can provide compliance with industry regulation/ government requirements Increases safety


Potential Benefits to the Public


  • Standardizes practice and/or standards within an industry
  • Advances the specialty/field and increases cooperation between organizations in the same discipline
  • Provides a means for an industry to self-regulate
  • Helps in identifying qualified service providers Increases confidence in service providers
  • Provides disciplinary process to follow in case of complaints


Leadership Development

Knowledge sharing

3 tips to increase knowledge sharing in your teams

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The Institute of Business Psychology (IBP) is an examining and a professional body established to regulate the practice of Personnel, Industrial, Occupational and Organisational Psychologists..

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