The Institute was set up in 2013 by a founding group of practicing Business Psychologists as a home and a voice for those working or having a strong interest in Business Psychology.

It was recognised that Business Psychologists came from a variety of psychology disciplines including Clinical and Educational, as well as Occupational, and at the time there was no professional home that accommodated all of them.

(Institute of Business Psychology & Nigeria Psychological Association)

The IBP has its own space and a different focus to the Division of Industrial/Organisational Psychology established on Wednesday, 25th November, 2015 (IOP), which is part of the Nigeria Psychological Association (NPA)

The IBP is committed to increasing the awareness of the importance and value of a practical, business-led, evidence-based approach to the practice of Business Psychology.  The IBP does not compete with the NPA, and many of the Association’s members subscribe to both organisations; in future, the IBP would seek more opportunities to collaborate with the NPA for mutual benefit.

The Institute welcomes members from the NPA (as well as other organisations such as the CIPMN & NITAD) who feel that IBP membership, through CPD, networking, attendance at events, or professional recognition, can support them in their personal development.

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The Institute of Business Psychology (IBP) is an examining and a professional body established to regulate the practice of Personnel, Industrial, Occupational and Organisational Psychologists..

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